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American Aberdeen info

American Aberdeen cattle are small and beefy Angus cattle, scientifically developed in Australia for low birth weights, stocky bodies, early maturity, an extremely high dressing-out ratio, and a higher percentage of quality cuts.

In 2017 the American Lowline Registry changed its name to the American Aberdeen Association. Lowline Angus are now called American Aberdeen cattle. The change in name reflects the true heritage of this unique breed of Angus cattle.

More beef to the acreage  American Aberdeen produce around 40% more beef to the acre than other beef cattle. Their meat is finely grained and even more tender than the Angus beef we know and enjoy.


Dairy farmers Easy calving when you use American Aberdeen bulls as terminal sires over your valuable dairy heifers. You can expect smaller calves and easy, unassisted calving. Increased milk yield Because the American Aberdeen gestation period is shorter, you’ll get up to 10 days more milk from your cows for free.

Grow faster, finish earlier Although small when born, American Aberdeen x Friesian or American Aberdeen x Jersey calves grow faster and finish earlier, on less feed, than dairy-cross calves sired by other breeds of beef cattle. Expect a high demand for these dairy cross calves. They will inherit many of their sires’ favorable American Aberdeen beef cattle characteristics.

Lifestyle block farmers will appreciate the easy handling of American Aberdeen cattle, which are about 60% of the size of traditional Angus cattle. Bulls are around 43 inches at the hip and cows 39 inches. American Aberdeen cattle are a pleasure to farm. They’re easy on your fences and easily handled by women. Although small, they’re serious beef cattle descended from some of the world’s best Angus cattle. Your friends will be amazed at the quality of your home grown American Aberdeen beef.

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