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Our quest to find the perfect breed of cattle for our pastured 25 acre ranch is what led us to discover the American Aberdeen.


We were already grazing a mixed bag of commercial beef cattle on our land but we knew that in order to utilize the pastures efficiently we needed to find just the right breed to suit our operation. In addition it was essential that the breed we chose should be docile enough for our young daughters to be around and easy enough for us to handle with minimal assistance.


We were thrilled to purchase our first fullblood American Aberdeen Bull from Stan and Char Shultz of CharStan Farms. At 18 months and standing no more than 36 inches, barely half the height of our tallest crossbred Charolais cattle, we held our breath wondering if Rider could get the job done. The young bull did us proud, successfully breeding with every commercial cow in our herd. We were suitably impressed and determined to incorporate the American Aberdeen Breed into our farm. 

This year we have been privileged to have the opportunity to purchase the entire breeding herd of fullblood American Aberdeen cattle from CharStan Farms. We are excited about the high quality genetics available in Central Florida and we look forward to breeding and selling some excellent American Aberdeen. 

In 2017 the American Lowline Registry changed its name to the American Aberdeen Association. Lowline Angus are now called American Aberdeen cattle. The change in name reflects the true heritage of this unique breed of Angus cattle.

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